first timeIMG_6714“You’ve got your hands full”
The comment most said to me as I’m out with my four young daughters. This comment always gives me a chuckle because my hands are free and usable thanks to babywearing.

Being able to do life without the stress of keeping our kitangeIMG_7293little ones close is an amazing thing. Babywearing has allowed us to do and see so much.

My journey started the first time I wrapped my oldest at 3 days old in a woven that was poorly wrapped and not tightened properly (She is 3 days old in that picture on the top left). Now 5.5 years later I’m able to swing my fourth baby onto my back in a traditional African Kitenge without breaking a sweat.

IMG_2563Babyweariimageng allows me to keep those little pieces of my heart that I have birthed into this big world close to me for just a little longer. It calms the spirit of the most wild toddler, and the inconsolable infant. It takes our family on adventures and creates memories to cherish always.

Babywearing can take you to places you never thought possible with a young child. TIMG_6303o get through a busy IMG_0808airport, on your way to a grand adventure. Or to go on a hike to find the perfect sunset while keeping baby close yet still apart of the show. Babywearing gets you where you need to go.

Babywearing is not always flashy and exciting. Some days it allows supper to be made or a room to be vacuumed. It 248656_10150197706218796_72571_nallows a hot meal to be eaten, or one more cup of coffee to be consumed. It is the moments when you are able to pace your halls with a sick little one and your arms don’t grow tired. It is the times
when an older sibling can get some one on one time with Mama while the baby naps on your chest. It allows work to get done in a job that never slows, in a world that never stops spinning.IMG_1252

Babywearing is both a sanity saver and a life giver. An extension of yourself, and an extra set of hands. A long lasting hug, and a kissable head. A place for a small head to rest while life moves all around them. That is what babywearing is to us.

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