On Friday Stefan decide it was time to pull out the Christmas tree and decorations. Off he went to the storage closet and grabbed the tree and a bag of tulle and lights that we had used for decorating our old church. I then went on the hunt for our two totes that contain ALL of our Christmas decorations, personalized stockings for the girls, first Christmas ornaments, our nativity set, ect. And guess what?? They were no where to be found. We have searched our house and cannot find them. We have no idea what happened to them since our move.

That kind of put a damper on decorating for Christmas. And Stefan and I quit. We didn’t even finish opening the tree up. I turn around and I find Capri decorating the tree with headbands and toys. She comes over to me and tells me that she will decorate the tree. She asks for my help reaching the top half of the tree and I gladly put scarves, socks, and lego blocks on the branches.


We used the tulle and lights from the church to decorate our railing and Capri was a big help for that as well. All of the girls got into the spirit of decorating the tree with toys.

As I see pictures of others trees and houses being posted on facebook with their fancy ribbons, perfectly placed ornaments, and stockings hung by the chimney with care, I get a little sad that our tree doesn’t look like that. But every time I think like that Capri comes over and she looks at me and says, “Mommy our tree is so pretty!”. Yes baby girl our tree is perfect.  


And since we are talking Christmas here is the annual Santa photo


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