In those parenting classes they never tell you that you will have days that you don’t like your kids. They teach you to breath through contractions and how to give a bath to a squirmy newborn. But they don’t teach you how to breath through your child throwing an epic hormonal fit that makes you look into boarding schools.

Those baby classes tell you how to push your baby out but they always fail to mention that the nurses will say push like you are pooping. And then later when your kids are bigger no one tells you that pushing like you are pooping will be the easiest part of parenting.

There will be days when you wonder what you have gotten yourself into and start to day dream about an island where all you can do is eat a snack out in the open while watching hours of Netflix. You will think about how you could wake up refreshed and bushy tailed each morning and drink a hot cup of coffee (not that you need the caffeine because you get a full 12 hours of sleep each night).

No one tells you that some days parenting sucks. That there will be tears, and yelling. The days where all ears are broken and no one seems to be able to listen. That you will keep your word and pack up their toys and hid them away. No one tells you these things because if they did the human race wouldn’t last long.

You see there are the good day. The days where a kid wakes up dry, and there are hugs and kisses. Days that kids play nicely together and you do all the perfect Pinterest parent things.

It’s easy to talk about those days. People don’t judge you on those days. They praise you and comment on what great parents you are.

No one wants to talk about the days that it seems like no one likes each other. The days where you just want to hide away in the bathtub eating cake.

No one tells you that parenting sucks some days



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  1. My husband shared a quote with me about toddlers being dictators who knits how to push you to your limit. They somehow know they can push you just-so-far and then bring o.j. the snuggles and cuteness…. I call it their survival mechanism lol
    Thanks for the raw honest post. I love you and think you’re an awesome mom!

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