Well now that I am married I realize so much more that I need money. I am going to be done classes in April and will not be going back to school until January which means I have a lot of free time which should be filled with something that enables me to get paid. Well I have never been a person that likes working or at least working at every day things (like serving coffee or whatever else people do in life). It does not help that I live in a super small town that never has openings anywhere. So I decided that I want to be a Nanny for the next 10 months, I love kids and maybe if I am with them all day I will not want one so much (yeah I don’t think that will actually help). So I have been on a quest for a Nannying job, again the problem with living in a small town is that no one needs a nanny or at least if they do they do not pay as well as they would in a city. And if I do happen to get pregnant I would not feel as bad if I had a job because I would at least have a bit of an income to you know…feed and cloth the kid (I mean I feed it for the first 6 months anyway, and other people will buy them clothes…all I have to do is buy some cloth diapers and I am set…ok they might need more than that but that is another post for another time).

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