Yesterday on our way to a birthday party we were in a car accident. It was our fault and no one was in the other car. But our van contained our three kids. We were only going 50km so it could have been a lot worse.

We turned Capri forward facing about a month ago. She was four years old and 3 months. She is still in a 5 point harness. Our 2 year old (who meets the minimum requirements for forward facing) and our 9 month old were both rear facing. Out of our three girls only Capri sustained any injuries. Her head went forward enough for her chin to hit her chest clip and leave a bruise and she has a bruise from her straps on her neck were her necklace caught under the strap.

Our youngest two didn’t even notice we were in an accident.

When the fireman was looking in our van he commented on how well our seats were installed (I told him I was a car seat tech).

Capri didn’t suffer worse injuries because her chest clip was in the proper place and her seat was secured with a locked seat belt and top anchor.

Our two year old didn’t even notice the accident because her car seat cradled her body as we slammed into the car. If she had been forward facing her under developed neck and spine could have been seriously injured.

We do extended rear facing and extended harnessing for a reason and that was put into practice yesterday. We also replaced all three of our car seats.


A lot of people helped us at the scene. A nice lady even gave the girls teddy bears. And a fireman gave the girls the blue bears.

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  1. That’s scary. Definitely a good reminder as to why extended rear facing is such an important thing to do. I’m so glad you and your family are safe!

  2. Tara MacInnis says:

    Oh My Goodness Deborah! I am so glad you are all ok! This just goes to show how important it is to erf. Thank you for sharing

  3. Glad to hear the girls are okay!
    Someone recently tried to convince me I was an “overprotective” parent ( and that being overprotective was a bad thing) because they found out Jacob was still rearfacing.
    This just shows, it’s not that they are unsafe in a properly installed front facing car seat, they just risk less injury if you can keep them rearfacing as long as possible!

  4. Barbara Hewey says:

    I am reading this email and I just stopped and thank God that you are all safe I prayed for Capri she is a strong little girl I am so glad to hear you are so protective of your children if a mother is reading this they will be the same I glad I you are all fine God Bless

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